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Water Drop – Metal Wall Art

The Water Drop is a unique and mesmerising artwork. Utilising a detachable blade design, the Water Drop creates a 3d effect, which can be admired differently from certain angles. From the front, the design appears to resemble a water drop, with it's ripple slowly spreading outwards. From the side, the blades create a hypnotising undulating pattern. The individual mannex black blades are detachable from the Silver Pearl backing, meaning the artwork is customisable at any time. It also means that installation is extremely easy, as each blade can just be slid in. It's one of our most unique artworks and we couldn't be more proud.
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    • Measurements and Dimensions:
      Length: 2300mm, Height: 1200mm at highest point, Depth: 50mm
      • Suitable for indoor/ outdoor
      • Built in mounting points for easy installation
      • Silver Kinetic Pearl Backing
      • Detachable black blade design creates a mesmerising 3d effect
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    • Hi, do you hav me Water Drop in different colours?

      Yes, we can what were you thinking?

    • Check measurements listed above .1500 x 300 x 300 ??.

      Your right should be 1200x 2300 x50 .-90 out from all to give the 3d look

    • Love it! Can it be made in corten steel?

      Yes, it can, it would look amazing. You can email us at 

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    Rural, Interstate deliveries may require a packing crate if they are larger pieces. These are estimated at around $190. Our sales consultants will contact you for details.

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