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New Product Showcase: Water Drop Wall Art

New Product Showcase: Water Drop Wall Art

Over the last few months, we've been tinkering away at new designs that are ready to be added to your homes. As a result, we've created four new pieces, all entirely unique and special in their own way. In-stock and ready to go, each of these pieces has a story behind it. Have a read-through to see more :)

Water Drop Wall Art

    Length: 2300mm, Height: 1200mm at highest point, Depth: 50mm


Inspired by the organic shape of a ripple, the "Water Drop" is an extremely unique piece that uses detachable blades to create a mesmerising 3-d effect. Each blade is individually designed and cut, so that when placed together, a cohesive, undulating effect is created.

 Water Drop


The piece is also extremely practical, as each blade is detachable and slide into the silver pearl backing, meaning the piece is entirely customisable, and easy to transport due to the detachable blades.




 Check it out here: 

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