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Hollow Tree

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Hollow Tree
220 x 1910mm


 Our Sculptures at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show took us back to the very heart of what we love to do.


We just had to design a sculpture that uses the layered 3d look and trees  we have been playing with over the years .


I’m personally fascinated by wood grain growth rings and knots in trees and how organic form have a relaxing calming effect on people. This is a observation I have made by showing  clients looking for sculpture for the last 15 years in entanglements .

People seem to be draw to organic botanical designs  forms curves circles can make a real  impact and trees and branch has really   . The folly of seeing a made with slabs of metal layered has certainly brought smiles . We have spaced each layer to created the 3 d effect and at every angle the light plays and cast differ effects and amazing shadows on the land scape


The process of making this was to draw each layer then put them together layer by layer in a 3 d render


As well as being passionate about creating stunning timeless pieces for your homes and gardens, we love to see our art in landscapes where they belong !

220 x 1910mm

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Additional Information

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Each product has its own unique character and finish. The colour variations are part of the intentional design and, being an organic process, it cannot be controlled.

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